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Projects: Manga covers

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 5, 2014, 8:17 PM

Projects are the best way to build up credits and draw out your feels. They will all be manga-related, and the idea is that you'll one day have a collection of comics that relate to your character (this will be stored on the upcoming database). You can do these at any time, and do as many as you wish for as many characters as you want! There are no set deadlines, but completing them will earn you faster credits than anything else!


And here is a final project for everyone!
Create a manga cover for your character or characters. It should evoke feels and who they are as a character. There are plenty of examples online, so I'm sure I don't have to show you.

Here is the template:

PROJECT 05 - Manga Cover Template by chazillah

You may change the volume number to whatever you wish! : )

Where do I submit it?
To the project gallery!

When is it due?
You have until March 1st for an extra +30 credit bonus.

Can I alter the layout?
Let's keep it consistent! But if you want to add textures or you think your design looks better, please be my guest. < 3 If it's a really mindblowingly awesome design then you should upload the PSD for everyone else to use too!

Project 01: Manga intro

Folder: kamenoko-university.deviantart…

The first Kamenoko project will be to create a manga-styled introduction for your character! The comic must be feelful and manga-esque. When read, it should feel like we just opened up a manga and have been introduced to the protagonist. It can be multiple pages or a scrolling type of comic (probably a better format for DA since it's easier to scroll through).

I really think Bakuman's opening has the best example of this (listed below).
Solanin's is good too and has a lot more dialogue if you wish to go that route!

Examples: Bakuman: 01 02 03 04 - Solanin: 01 02 03

    Rules and Guidelines: - 800 pixels wide, either scrolling-style or page-style. If you opt for pages, please keep it 800 x 1200 pixels. - Minimum of 3 panels on at least an 800 x 1200 page. - There is no limit on length. - Black and white, of course, in a manga style (screentones are preferred)
Credits: Minimum +20. Longer introductions up to +40 credits.


project 01 - kanzaki by yukihomu KU: you are the only ones who know by chazillah KU - Baby Steps by Manyan KU PROJECT 01: MANGA INTRODUCTION: Kuwabara Maiko by Betachan KU - Countryside girl (1/4) by phobialia KU: Tomo Intro by sighlol KU: Introduction 2 by Betachan KU project 01 - Motoya by yukihomu KU: Megumi's Intro - 1 by taiwonton

Project 02: 4-koma

This project will be a 4 panel comic about your character. The idea is to produce some feels in four panels. Please state in your artist description that it was from a RP and who it was with.

Reward base: +20 credits

Folder: kamenoko-university.deviantart…

Examples: (template is first example)

Project 02: template by yukihomu KU : Project 02  - His First Word. by naoyatoudo project 002 . 001 by peachtail KU: Lady's needs by Betachan normal student by yukihomu KU: Friday memories by Betachan KU: Get a job by Betachan

Project 03: Introduce another character

This project will be a 3 panel comic introducing a friend of your character's! When a manga introduces a new character, the pacing is usually a little slower. So we will only be using 3 panels this time! Before you start, you might want to think of a scenario (instead of being just like "This is Kuro. He has a thing for Ryuu and works at the back of Nikotek.")

Reward base: 15 credits (+5 until March 25th)

Does it have to be a character who is already in Kamenoko?
Not at all! You can introduce a character's sibling, parent, lover, friend...go crazy! Any minor side-characters that you think of in your RPs (even an employer or something).

Template is the first thumbnail!
Special thanks to Beta! <3
Project: Introduce a friend! by chazillahintroduce a friend . reina by peachtailKU - Project-introdude a friend :''This is Saito, by naoyatoudo

Project 04: Solo manga panel slideshow

Hey guys! I'd like to put together another slideshow of our art. This time let's go for single manga panels that punch in the feels and don't focus on the character's face. No clue what I'm talking about? Check out the links below:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Lots of examples there. I hope that gets the idea across.

Summarized, we want an ambiguous identity so it's more relatable. i.e, we don't just see a close-up of Kuro's face. Instead, I'd draw his back turned to us, and we can only know it's him because of his sweater.

- 900 x 500 pixels
- Your character's face is not the main focus
- It's communicating a feeling
- Text: it can be a silent panel, have some dialogue or a quote.
- You may send me panels that are really feelsy quotes as well. It might be from a RP, for example.
- Using inspiration from roleplay is highly recommended

What do I do when I'm done?
Note it to me (chazillah) & submit to feels gallery.

Can I submit more than one?

What do I get?
It will depend on what you draw. More effort = more credits.
Minimum: +10 credits (dialogue only. should still look nice though)
Maximum: +50 credits (feels communicate, lots of effort in shading and drawing etc)

Manga panels by Manyan.

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